Positions Available

Self-Funded Postdoctoral Opportunities: 

We are always looking for talented, highly motivated and energetic postdoctoral fellows interested and passionate about advancing our understanding of kidney disease. We encourage interested fellows to apply for funding and we can certainly help with the proposal write up in terms of hypothesis, objectives and specific aims.  Expertise in in-vitro and in-vivo approaches at the interface of bioinformatics, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology is desirable.

Projects for consideration are:

  1. Understanding the Mechanisms of Fibrosis

Candidates should have Ph.D. degree in biological or biomedical sciences and strong background in cellular and molecular biology. The projects wopuld benefit from following skill set: 1) cell culture, Western Blotting, ELISA, vector construction and transfection, luciferase assay, qRT-PCR, RNAi technology, IP and CHIP, etc 2) knowledge of molecular data analysis and interpretation, and simple statistical analysis; 3) skillful English writing ability with first author publications in peer reviewed Pub Med cited journals; 4) research experience in regeneration or fibrosis is preferable.

Undergraduate, Graduate Students, Research Trainees and Research Interns

We are always seeking exceptional, motivated and energetic students interested in pursuing their research training with us. Enthusiastic and highly committed students interested in pursuing their Masters/PhD or those who want to pursue self funded internship for 9-12 months in the laboratory are welcome to apply. 

To apply, please e-mail your interest, CV and contacts of three references directly to Dr. Vaidya: vvaidya@partners.org