Molecular Signals to Understand Exposure Biology (MSEB)

This course aims to offer a deeper understanding of biomarkers that serve as highly useful tools for understanding the biology of the disease as well as nature and extent of human exposure from environmental contaminants and drugs. This semester-long course with 2.5 credits features 15 lectures divided into four modules:

Date Title Lecturer Presentation
1  1/26/12 Introduction

Nader Rifai, Ph.D.

This is an introductary lecture on importance of biomarkers.
2 2/2/12 Genomics and Deep Sequencing Strategies for Biomarker Discovery

Peter Park, Ph.D.

Importance of next generations equencing technology for biomarker discovery.
3 2/9/12 Proteomic and Metabolomic Approaches toward Biomarker Identification

Clary B. Clish, Ph.D.


Hanno Steen, Ph.D.

Principles and applications of metabolomics for biomarker discovery.


Use of proteomics in biomarker discovery.

4 2/16/12 Molecular Signals to understand Lung Exposure Biology

David Christiani, M.D.

Lung exposure biology with respect to disease pathophysiology and biomarkers.
5 2/23/12 Molecular Signals to understand Brain Exposure Biology

Francisco Quintana, Ph.D.

Biomarkers and disease pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis
6 3/1/12 Molecular Signals to understand Exposure Biology in Cancer

Marsha Moses, Ph.D.

An overview of novel non invasive cancer biomarkers.
7 3/8/12 Molecular Signals to understand Liver Exposure Biology

Shashi Ramaiah, DVM, Ph.D.

Need for biomarkers that outperform traditional biomarkers of liver injury.
8 3/22/12 Molecular Signals to understand Heart Exposure Biology

Jim Januzzi, M.D.

Recent advances in cardiovascular biomarkers.
9 3/29/12 Molecular Signals to understand Kidney Exposure Biology

Vishal S. Vaidya, Ph.D.

Overview and a case study for biomarkers for early detection of kidney injury.
10 4/5/12
Molecular Signals to understand Exposure Biology in Obstetric Medicine

Ananth Karumanchi, M.B.B.S.

Discovery, evaluation and clinical application of preeclampsia biomarker.
11 4/12/12
Molecular Signals to understand Exposure Biology in Infections

Lindsey Baden, M.D.

Potential challenges in developing biomarkers for infectious diseases such as HIV, invasive fungal infections, etc.
12 4/19/12
Micro and Nanoscale technologies to quantify biomarkers rapidly

David Wood, Ph.D.

An overview of principles of nano and micro scale technologies for biomarker discovery and quantitation.
13 4/28/12 Imaging biomarkers in disease states

Jeffery Yap, Ph.D.

Different imaging modalities that can be used as sensitive biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and interventions.
14 5/3/12 Clinical Study Design to Evaluate and Validate Molecular Signals

Sushrut Waikar, M.D., M.P.H.

How best to conduct clinical studies for biomarker evaluation and qualification.
15 5/10/12 Statistical Considerations in Biomarker Research

Rebecca Betensky, Ph.D.


Definitions as well as the advantages and disadvantages of most commonly used statistical approaches in biomarker research.