Vaidya laboratory (~1000 sq. ft.) is located in the Longwood Medical area in the Harvard Institutes of Medicine Building, Room 510. Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Staff and Students have individual carrels in the laboratory equipped with state of the art computers with up to date software and a dedicated phone. Over the years the laboratory has received funds from American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation, National Insititute of Health/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Harvard Catalyst (Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center), Pfizer, Biogen, Society of Toxicology.

Vaidya lab is well equipped with several large and small equipments necessary for biomedical research and some of them are listed below: 

1. NanoDrop 2000c

The NanoDrop 2000c is a dual-mode UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with Micro-Volume and Cuvette Capability for Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantitation.


2. VetScan VS2

The VetScan VS2 is a state-of-the-art chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay and blood gas analyzer that delivers uncompromising accuracy from just two drops of whole blood, serum or plasma.

/public/images/VetScan VS2.jpg

3. Thermal Cycler With 96-Well Fast Reaction

The C1000 thermal cycler offers superior performance in a fully modular platform with the gradient-enabled 96-well fast reaction module.

/public/images/thermal cycler.jpg

4. Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR 75004520

The Sorvall Legend XT research centrifuge is ideal for a wide range of general applications including cell culture, bioproduction, blood separation and microbiology, and features a convenient 3-litre capacity.

/public/images/Thermo Sorvall Legend.jpg

5. ChemiDoc™ MP System

The ChemiDoc MP system is a full-feature instrument for gel or western blot imaging designed to address multiplex fluorescent western blotting, chemiluminescence detection, and general gel documentation applications.


6. Real-Time PCR

The CFX96 real time PCR detection system offers industry-leading optical technology with powerful, yet easy-to-use software, making this system ideal for any researcher performing real-time PCR.

/public/images/Real-Time PCR.jpg

7. BIO-PLEX 200 System

The Bio-Plex® 200 system is a suspension array system which offers protein and nucleic acid researchers a reliable multiplex assay solution that permits analysis of up to 100 biomolecules in a single sample.


8. Locator Plus Rack and Box Systems (Liq N2 Storage Tank)

Thermo Scientific Locator Plus indexed rack and box system is a liquid nitrogen storage tank that allows quick, efficient sample retrieval and offers maximum storage capacity (up to 6,000 samples) combined with minimum liquid nitrogen consumption.

/public/images/Locator Plus Rack.jpg

9. -80 Freezers

Two Ultra-low temperature (-80) freezers having the highest reliability and superior performance with cost-effective operation. They provide rapid freezing, extra security and also have innovative features.

/public/images/-80 Freezer.jpg

10. Surgical Suite

Four temperature controlled thermal blankets allowing survival surgeries for 4 mice/rats at the same time using temperature controlled probes. We also have 10 mouse metabolic cages allowing accurate collection of urine, saliva, feces from mice in a controlled manner.

/public/images/Surgical Suite.jpg

11. Tissue Culture Facility

State of the art tissue culture facility with 2 Forma Scientific water jacketed CO2 incubators with 1 Baker sterigard hood.

/public/images/tissue culture.jpg

12. Zeiss Axio Imager M2 Microscope with Automated Z-Focus And Fluorescence

This state of the art upright microscope not only allows for transmitted-light brightfield images but also allows for also allows Phase Contrast, darkfield, and DIC as well as reflected-light fluorescence at magnifications of 4X, 10X, 20X, 60X and 100X.

13. SpectraMax Paradigm Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform

This is a 96 and 384 microplate reader capable of not only measuring a UV-Visible wavelength but also performing homogenous time resolved fluorescence intensity assays.

14. Small Equipments

Three benchtop high speed refrigerated centrifuges, fine and coarse weighing balances, pH meter, immunoblotting apparatus, DNA gel apparatus, power supplies for the gel systems, vortexers and stirrers, single channel and multichannel pipettors, etc