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Harvard Professor Wins Society of Toxicology Leading Edge in Basic Science Award

In honor of discoveries that illuminate the heart of toxicology, the Society of Toxicology (SOT) presents Harvard Medical School’s Vishal S. Vaidya, PhD, with the 2014 SOT Leading Edge in Basic Science Award. With this award, SOT, a professional association of more than 7,700 toxicologists, annually honors a scientist whose recent research has made seminal contributions to understanding the fundamental mechanisms of the science of toxicology. “Dr. Vaidya’s work over the past five years will change the way textbooks are written and science is conducted with respect to deploying biomarkers for monitoring kidney damage,” says nominator Frank D. Sistare, PhD. “His research has set a high standard for future safety biomarker qualification efforts, while demonstrating the tremendous value that such efforts can bring to drug development.” 

The SOT Leading Edge in Basic Science Award recognizes Dr. Vaidya for his work with a protein known as kidney injury molecule-1 (Kim-1) as a biomarker for kidney injury, including developing new tools for biomarker detection. Due, in part, to the research of Dr. Vaidya and his colleagues, Kim-1 is now an accepted biomarker by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), European Medical Agency, and Japanese Agency for ascertaining renal injury during drug discovery tests. His work also led to the development of a bedside test for monitoring Kim-1 levels in preclinical and clinical settings.

Complete Press Release by Society of Toxicology: Harvard Professor Wins Society of Toxicology Leading Edge in Basic Science Award

Posted by Vishal Vaidya on Fri, 25 Apr 2014

Melanie Adler, Ph.D. wins Risk Assessment Award

/public/images/Melanie-John_Doull_award.jpegCongratulaions to Melanie for winning the John Doull Risk Assessment Award at the 53rd Annual meeting of Society of Toxicology, March 24-27, 2014 in Phoenix, AZ.

Image Legend from Left to Right: Vishal Vaidya, John Doull, Melanie Adler, Hugh Barton

Posted by Vishal Vaidya on Thu, 3 Apr 2014