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Vishal Interviewed by the journal 'Science'

Science 10 September 2010:
Vol. 329. no. 5997, p. 1373
DOI: 10.1126/science.329.5997.1373 

 LIFE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES: Biomarker Hunters Probe the Proteome.

Alan Dove

The advent of sophisticated new tools has drawn many researchers into the burgeoning field of proteomic biomarker discovery, but turning their discoveries into clinical tests is still a tall order.


Single-marker tests are also on the agenda of Vishal Vaidya, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, whose work also highlights the challenges of validating a clinical biomarker.

More than a decade ago, researchers at Harvard decided to look for biomarkers of kidney injury using representational difference analysis, a PCR-based technique that predated the advent of transcriptomic microarrays. The screening identified kidney injury molecule 1 (Kim-1), an immunoglobulin-like membrane protein whose expression in the urine spikes after acute kidney injury.

Vaidya joined the effort at that point. "My first project was to take cells that overexpress the Kim-1 protein, isolate this protein through regular chromatographic purification techniques, inject it into the mice, make antibodies, screen for specific epitopically distinct antibodies, and make a very conventional ELISA [enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay]," he says.

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Posted by Vishal Vaidya on Tue, 16 Nov 2010