Joseph Bonventre, MD, PhD and Vishal Vaidya, PhD, Receive Toxicology Award

HST director, Joseph V. Bonventre, MD, PhD, and his postdoctoral research fellow, Vishal S. Vaidya, PhD, received the award for the Outstanding Presentation in Risk Assessment at the 44th annual Society of Toxicology meeting held in New Orleans, LA, in March 2005.

The presentation was titled “Rat Kidney injury molecule-1 (rKim-1) ELISA: A sensitive assay for early detection of kidney tubular injury in preclinical toxicity studies.”

The award in the form of plaque and $500 was presented to Vishal S. Vaidya, PhD and his mentor Joseph V. Bonventre, MD, PhD. Vishal was also given the Burdock Travel Award by the risk assessment specialty section to attend and present at the Society of Toxicology meeting.

The Society of Toxicology founded in 1961 is a professional and scholarly non-profit organization of scientists from academic institutions, government, and industry representing the great variety of scientists who practice toxicology in the U.S. and abroad. The Risk Assessment Specialty Section of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) is one of the largest Specialty Sections in the SOT.